Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hello people. Lately there are a lot of things that I want. I know that there are far worse things in this world then, for an example, wanting an iPhone 5. But I just can't help myself, and every time I see something on tumblr or in the bus or in the streets/school, I can't help but have that shitty feeling that you have nothing. Everyone has them things they really want. Here are mine. Enjoy.

1. the IPhone.

Let me say first, I do not want the iPHone 5 necessary. iPHone 4S is good for me also.. 
I've been wanting an iPhone for so long, but I'm still stuck with this Blackberry for more then 2 years now. I can not believe it still works actually, because it has fallen so many times. It even fell on the ground in the SNOW and it still worked. And besides, it's not that it's working for a 100% (definitely not) Internet only works with WiFi, but at my home in some weird way the internet with WiFi doesn't work properly. The internet only works for about 1-5 minutes and then it will be down for hours. Then again 5 minutes, then hours nothing.. The space-key and the symbol-key is broken. So I have to use the copy/paste button to write something.. Yeah, it's time for a new one. But my parents don't think it's necessary to have a new phone if mine still works.. *cry*

2. a Celiné Paris bag
I know they're super expensive. But.. can a girl dream? Hashtag sigh.

3. Delicious unhealthy food.
I just realized I never go to the MacDonalds. The last time I went there was in December. And that was once in maybe 3 months. But I'm going there friday perhaps. And I'm going to order a lot, because I've been  getting a lot of cravings these days. Really, I ate like 3 tosti's with cheese and I still was hungry? And yes that's strange for me because I have a small stomache, that means that if I eat something small I'm really full. (-.-)

4. Being a wallflower
You just have to watch '' Perks of being a wallflower '' to know what I mean..

5. A nice bedroom.

6. A walk-in closet.

7. A make-up/nail polish stash.

8. A boyfriend

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