Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Victoria Koblenko

On a friday morning I was browsing on the iPhone and decided to watch some Studio Sportzomer. I choose the repeat of .. June 8th, I thought. This time there was this woman, Victoria Koblenko. (HAH? A women? That's right..) She turned out to be someone who was born in Russia and moved to the Netherlands when she was twelve and she's an actress and an amazing journalist. I saw her work when she filmed some Ukraine people and she did it really good. I road this article because of her looks, actually. She has a birthmark right next to her mouth - makes her look like she smiles all day. Anyhow, I will post some pics to clear it up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've been in to tumblr for a long time, more then a year now. I'm kinda addicted to it. My main blog changes a lot with the theme. I usually reblog pictures of people, fashion,and sometimes football (used to do it a lot!). I also used to reblog some tv shows, but I can only find gifs of them and I don't really like that anymore.
This is my main blog. Here are some pictures of my main blog.

Love this picture of Shia Labeouf!


My second blog is full of black and white photography.
Here are some pictures of my black&white blog.

Pretty Little Liars :)

And my third blog is full of fashion street style.

Friday, June 8, 2012

If Wayne Rooney was in Shrek he would look... the same

As you may know the Europe Championship is coming. In fact, it starts today already. So I thought; why not make a list of my favorite footballers? I'm a madridista, that means you're a supporter for Real Madrid. I don't like FC Barcelona since the big fight in 2011, and in Europe and World Championship I support mostly the Netherlands and also because of my favorite footballers - Germany and Brasil. I will make a list of my favorite footballers and of some people I will tell more.. Enjoy!

Ricardo Kaká
He was my first favorite footballer, he plays for Real Madrid and Brasil. 
Mesut Özil
Mostly people find me crazy because I think he's handsome. Yes, he's got big eyes. That's what makes him attractive! I love how he assists the ball to his team players and controls the ball with passion. He plays also for Real Madrid and Germany
Gregory van der Wiel
He got my attention because of his tattoo's actually, and later on interviews because of his shyness. He plays for Ajax and the Netherlands.
Thomas Müller
Plays for Bayern München and Germany
Fernando Torres
Plays for Chelsea and Spain
Plays for Real Madrid and Brasil
Robin van Persie
Plays for Arsenal and the Netherlands
Alvaro Morata
Plays for young Real Madrid and young Spain
Karim Benzema
Plays for Real Madrid and France
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Plays for Bayern München and Germany
Dani Alves
Plays for FC Barcelona and Brazil
Rafael van der Vaart
Plays for Tottenham and the Netherlands
Manuel Neuer
Plays for Bayern München and Germany 
Iker Casillas
Plays for Real Madrid and Spain

Who is your favorite footballer?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

leather, leather & leather

Hey guys. I have to say, I am in love with leather. Jackets, jeans, bags. It fits perfect with everything. With a cute dress to make it edgy, or with a rebelliousness shirt, or just a basic top. I myself don't own a leather jacket or something else, when I see them at a shop they are or too big, or too expensive. I've been looking for a cheap leather jacket or jeans (A fake one), because I can't afford an expensive one. So if you know some shops let me know! 

The right one (of course) is Kaya Scodelario, she plays Effy Stonem in Skins UK. I really love her clothing style, and this leather jacket really got my attention! 

I follow Pretty Little Liars, so I already know this outfit. In this episode Shay Mitchell wears a leather jacket, I love this one! It's not so big as Kaya's one, and it's short.

Of course, there are also leather jackets for males. This one fits with his hat and sunglasses to make his look more mysterious. His bag makes it complete. Don't really like the belt, to be honest. But we'll see that over the head.

WOW! Love this outfit! The leather skinny jeans is super sexy! Makes it even more complete with the high heels and the red lips. And also, this jacket is shorter then the one of Shay, so you can easily mix it with everything. Thumb up for this girl!

This is not a bag I would wear, but how Mary-Kate Olsen mix it with her outfit makes the bag look great. It's actually a really simple outfit but the jacket makes it look different. And I love the RayBan sunglasses. 

Last, but not least. A leather wallet! Lauren Conrad is mixing it with a yellow cute dress and of course a leather jacket! Love it! See, I told you a leather jacket mix with everything? Also, love the nail polish.

Hope you liked this!

Monday, June 4, 2012

pwetty models

Here are some models that I love, they are so beautiful.
Barbara Palvin. Aren't her eyes so pretty?

The handsome Cole Mohr

Allison Harvard. You may know her from America's Next Topmodel. Love the big eyes.


I've always been in to rock music. But this year that kinda flew away, and I decided to listen to some new stuff. Something different then I usually listen to. My friend was a fan of Drake, and I decided to listen to a song. The first song I listened to was ''Marvin's Room'' from his album Take Care. After I listened to this song for million times and knew the lyrics out of my head, I decided to download the whole album Take Care. But of course, that got boring and I downloaded all his albums. I still listen to him, it never gets bored. My favorite album is So Far Gone and my favorite songs are probably A Night Off, Houstatlantavegas, Crew Love and Uptown. 

Drake in his video HYFR.

All my Drake albums, very proud of it!

When he was little. Wasn't he CUTE?!

Drake and Rihanna. I'm not a fan of her, but this is a sweet picture.

Drake got PUNK'D! Click here to see the video.

Hope you guys enjoyed and don't forget try listen to him, he's really worth it!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

street style outfits

Hey guys, I was just thinking about some cool street style outfits I want to share with you. These are some outfits I adore in no practical order!

This is a very basic, cute and flirty outfit. What I love about this, is the combination of mixing the cute dress with  the colour brown. Brown bag, brown strap, brown sandals and brown sunglasses. Love how she has her hair in a high bun! 
I LOVE the blouse. It's very long, it's chique and vintage at the same time. Love the shorts with it too!
As you may don't know, I love leather. So it was a little obvious I picked this one. And of course, a fashion icon like Mary Kate Olsen can't miss in this.

I'm not a fan of the Kardashians, and this outfit seems very normal but I love the blouse and the chain mixed with red shorts so much! And you can't miss the huge sunglasses of course!
I don't really like high heels, but she can have it. Mixed with a simple white shirt that she puts in the front in her blue shorts is lovely. Thumbs up Lauren!

I got all these pictures from my fashion street style blog.