Friday, June 8, 2012

If Wayne Rooney was in Shrek he would look... the same

As you may know the Europe Championship is coming. In fact, it starts today already. So I thought; why not make a list of my favorite footballers? I'm a madridista, that means you're a supporter for Real Madrid. I don't like FC Barcelona since the big fight in 2011, and in Europe and World Championship I support mostly the Netherlands and also because of my favorite footballers - Germany and Brasil. I will make a list of my favorite footballers and of some people I will tell more.. Enjoy!

Ricardo Kaká
He was my first favorite footballer, he plays for Real Madrid and Brasil. 
Mesut Özil
Mostly people find me crazy because I think he's handsome. Yes, he's got big eyes. That's what makes him attractive! I love how he assists the ball to his team players and controls the ball with passion. He plays also for Real Madrid and Germany
Gregory van der Wiel
He got my attention because of his tattoo's actually, and later on interviews because of his shyness. He plays for Ajax and the Netherlands.
Thomas Müller
Plays for Bayern München and Germany
Fernando Torres
Plays for Chelsea and Spain
Plays for Real Madrid and Brasil
Robin van Persie
Plays for Arsenal and the Netherlands
Alvaro Morata
Plays for young Real Madrid and young Spain
Karim Benzema
Plays for Real Madrid and France
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Plays for Bayern München and Germany
Dani Alves
Plays for FC Barcelona and Brazil
Rafael van der Vaart
Plays for Tottenham and the Netherlands
Manuel Neuer
Plays for Bayern München and Germany 
Iker Casillas
Plays for Real Madrid and Spain

Who is your favorite footballer?

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