Monday, June 4, 2012


I've always been in to rock music. But this year that kinda flew away, and I decided to listen to some new stuff. Something different then I usually listen to. My friend was a fan of Drake, and I decided to listen to a song. The first song I listened to was ''Marvin's Room'' from his album Take Care. After I listened to this song for million times and knew the lyrics out of my head, I decided to download the whole album Take Care. But of course, that got boring and I downloaded all his albums. I still listen to him, it never gets bored. My favorite album is So Far Gone and my favorite songs are probably A Night Off, Houstatlantavegas, Crew Love and Uptown. 

Drake in his video HYFR.

All my Drake albums, very proud of it!

When he was little. Wasn't he CUTE?!

Drake and Rihanna. I'm not a fan of her, but this is a sweet picture.

Drake got PUNK'D! Click here to see the video.

Hope you guys enjoyed and don't forget try listen to him, he's really worth it!

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