Sunday, June 3, 2012

street style outfits

Hey guys, I was just thinking about some cool street style outfits I want to share with you. These are some outfits I adore in no practical order!

This is a very basic, cute and flirty outfit. What I love about this, is the combination of mixing the cute dress with  the colour brown. Brown bag, brown strap, brown sandals and brown sunglasses. Love how she has her hair in a high bun! 
I LOVE the blouse. It's very long, it's chique and vintage at the same time. Love the shorts with it too!
As you may don't know, I love leather. So it was a little obvious I picked this one. And of course, a fashion icon like Mary Kate Olsen can't miss in this.

I'm not a fan of the Kardashians, and this outfit seems very normal but I love the blouse and the chain mixed with red shorts so much! And you can't miss the huge sunglasses of course!
I don't really like high heels, but she can have it. Mixed with a simple white shirt that she puts in the front in her blue shorts is lovely. Thumbs up Lauren!

I got all these pictures from my fashion street style blog.

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