Sunday, July 29, 2012

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Warning: before you read further and want to watch it, there may be a little bit of spoiling!

Hey guys, so recently I’ve finished season 8 until season 12 of Degrassi: The next Generation. I know this show for quite a long time now, MTV broadcast it, but I have never watched it to the fullest. Since MTV broadcast season 10, I felt like catching up on this show. There were quite a lot of episodes  - 48! – but I’ve finished it and I wanted to share my thoughts about it.
So for those of you who don’t know Degrassi, it’s a high school-drama show. The school is called Degrassi Community School. A lot of drama happens there, and it is a lot to talk about so I’ve made a list of characters. (I begin from season 9/10 because that’s my favorite generation)

Holly J. Sinclair (Charlotte Arnold) – Senior, has competition for her role as president – means she gets closer to Sav, teacher’s favorite student, perfectionist, Declan’s girlfriend, ready to go to Yale, but will her financial problems with her family and health problems ruin her future?

Anya MacPherson (Samantha Munro) – Senior, doesn’t know what to do after high 
school, struggles with drug-problems, has an on-and-off relationship with Sav.

Sav Bhandari (Raymond Ablack) – Senior, comes from a religious family where he’s not allowed to date, plays in a rock band, Anya’s on-and-off boyfriend, Alli’s brother, is willing to make a fresh start by becoming president and run Holly J out of her way.

Fiona Coyne (Annie Clark) – Comes from a rich family, first time in a public school, close to her brother, is now closer with Holly J, has an alcohol problem since the ‘’bobby-situation’’, goes out with different boys and realizes something about her sexuality.

Declan Coyne (Landon Liboiron) – Holly J’s boyfriend and Fiona’s brother, runs the school play, is tired of his rich mom who thinks she can fix anything.

Riley Stavros (Agiris Karras)– Senior, quarterback of the football team, most popular guy in the school, realizes he’s gay and is afraid to come out because he doesn’t want to get bullied

Zane Park (Shannon Kook-Chun) – Senior, is out of the closet and has a problem with his love Riley who’s struggling with coming out, gets bullied and is also in the football team

Owen Milligan (Daniel Kelly)- homophobic, bullies Riley and Zane, has a secret crush on Anya

Clare Edwards (Aislinn Paul) – an intelligent and shy girl, wants to be a journalist, tries to be more confident, Alli’s best friend, has a crush on Eli

Alli Bhandari (Melinda Shankar)– confidence, beautiful, bad, intelligent girl. She wants to run the school and is tired of being ‘’Sav’s little sister’’, she makes a lot of mistakes – especially with the guys – but she’ll make it trough.

K.C. Guthrie (Sam Earle)– popular, blond, tall, football, basketball, boyfriend of the hottest cheerleader, his life changes for good after he made a stupid mistake.

Jenna Middleton (Jessica Tyler) – very talented in music, girlfriend of KC, has it all, but her life will change too.

Elijah 'Eli' Goldsworthy (Munro Chambers)– new, mysterious guy, is very good at writing, obsessed with Clare

Adam Torres (Jordy Todosey) – is new on Degrassi, a transgender, Drew’s brother and best friends with Eli and Clare

Drew Torres (Luke Bilyk) – the perfect new popular guy, good at sports, best friends with the popular kids, but can he choose between Alli and Bianca?

Bianca DeSouse (Alicia Josipovic) – the typical school bitch, doesn’t care about anything, is mostly in the detention room, has a bad boy-past, but can she convince Drew that she does really like him?

Dave Turner (Jahmil French)– has a crush on Alli, is good at basketball, his dad is a police officer and he’s not proud of it

Connor DeLaurier(A.J. Saudin) – has asperge’s syndrome, very smart and intelligent, is also a school nerd.

I wanted to do the characters of season 12 too, but it’s still broadcasting so I can’t say much. And I know I haven't mentioned áll characters, but those are the main ones. Here is a list of all the couples in season 9/10 (and a little bit of season 11), so there can be a little bit of spoiling. I will also say who I ship.

Holly J – Declan, Sav
Anya – Sav, Owen
Sav – Anya, Holly J
Fiona – Bobby, Riley, Adam
Declan – Holly J
Riley – Zane, Fiona
Owen – Anya
Clare – K.C., Eli
Alli – Johnny, Drew
K.C. – Clare, Jenna
Jenna – K.C.
Eli – Clare
Adam – Fiona
Drew – Alli, Bianca
Bianca – Drew
Dave – Sadie
Connor - /

My favorite couple is, obviously, Eli&Clare. Also my favorite character is Eli (I have a crush on Munro Chambers)
Some pictures of the couples:

okaay and the last pictures (sorry for showing so much) are some cute pictures of the cast, love how close they are <3

Do you watch Degrassi, or are you going to watch it too?


  1. De nieuwe serie van degrassi is echt 100x leuker! :)

    1. Bedoel je seioen 12? Ja, klopt! Alleen daar zijn nog maar een paar episodes van uit hé, dus je kunt nog niet alles over vertellen. Maar je hebt gelijk, ik ben verliefd op Alex Steele en Ricardo en Cris <3